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The weeping tree

In the end of the narrow street,

there stood a weeping tree.

A tree that wept for it’s sorrows

A tree that learned from it’s mistakes

So many has passed by it.

But nobody cared to stop by ,

and ask what happened to the tree.

The wind passed by ,

It was a strong oe.

The tree bowed and allowed it ,

to pass by.

The wind has come by ,

and it took most of the leaves,

But the weeping tree stood there,

without moving

without reacting

and allowing the wind to take

it’s leaves away .

The tree didn’t react,

It stood there and wept while the others passed by .

At the end of the narrow street ,

there stood a weeping tree,

A tree which wept for it’s sorrows.

A tree that learned and

never learned from it’s mistakes.

A tree that stood there for the,

next wind to pass by and take

it’s leaves away.


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the person at the wall street

It was a sunny day, the sun was scorching hot and felt like it was standing right above me.I was
walking and I wanted to get to wall street, at the end of the wall street there was wall street daily
office.I was going there to fill out a job application.I am already sweaty while I walk I can feel the
sweat pouring down my forehead drop by drop. I know I am dripping but nevertheless, I am
walking. I have to reach wall street in about an hour. My google map is on and it was showing
directions.While I walked, my mind spurred to remember something, something which I am
trying to forget but nevertheless it came to my mind and I remembered the day it happened, it
was this day that got me into a confused state and when I look back to the things that happened
I still feel confused and my head spins.
A few months back today I was walking through this same street on the same day but I wasn’t
alone that day I was with my husband, it was my 35th birthday.He was taking me to show me
something, something he had planned for me, surprisingly for my birthday.He never showed me
any love or any tiny bit of compassion towards me, it was for the first time that he is taking me
out and planning a surprise for me.We were walking hand in hand.But as we turned someone
grabbed me by my hands suddenly everything turned dark. When I looked up the sky was filled
with black clouds.One or two drops of water dropped onto my cheeks, the water was black in
color and it had a smell of blood.Suddenly everything slowed down, the world around me started
to spin.I felt like the soil under my feet is going away.I looked at my husband, into his eyes. For
the first time, I saw a tint of fear in his eyes, he was my brave soldier, but I saw the tint of fear
and desperation in his eyes.But despite the fear he looked into my eyes, the look was intense,
it was filled with love and compassion, the look burned me, the look reached my soul,and he
uttered those few words, those last words, those words which I wanted to hear from him for
years, at last at the last moment he said those,”Lily I love you, I always have and always will” I
felt a lump in my throat, I sobbed . The world around me started to spin faster, my eyes became
filled with black spots and slowly the world around me faded out and I blacked out.When I woke
up it was raining heavily my husband’s body was near me cold, a dagger in his chest he was
soaked in his own blood.I staggered up my body was covered in his blood.I looked into his face
it was cold and pale. I ran from there not knowing what to do.
Present day
I snapped out of the past. The Google map n my hand was telling me to turn to the left, to the
left where it all happened. Suddenly the world turned black, my head started to spin. There was
a cloud of black smoke in front of me. From there a black figured emerged it walked towards me
I started shaking and when my visions became clear and when I looked at the figures face, I
was appalled it was me. I had my exact same face my exact same body. It was me, and when it
spoke it had my voice, it looked towards me, into my eyes with hatred and said,” I am you and
you are me, we are the same, we have the same darkness and the same light, I am no different
from you” I felt weak and faint, suddenly my vision filled with black spot and I blacked out.
I woke up in my darkroom of the st Mary’s asylum, where I was admitted for 10 years now. I
started to rock back and forth, back and forth, back and forth and I screamed on top of my
AND WHO LOVED ME “ I screamed again as the nurses in the asylum came running towards
me to put me in anesthesia.

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Welcome to first writings / Why ‘First Writings’?

Why ‘First Writings’?

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken

— Oscar Wilde.

Hey guys, welcome to first writings.

Why ‘First Writings’ ?

well, I am an aspiring writer and a poet. I believe that all the things that we accomplish comes from the first step that we take or the first decision that we make.So these are my first writings or you can also say my stepping stones.

so please support me and please do subscribe to my blog .

have a great day.

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I want to get over

You, I really do

But you will always

Be there pulling me like an


You never pulled me towards

You, instead you pulled

And pushed me into

The dark pit

Where everything was

Dark and brightless

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The Mountain

The mountain was big and high

It was scary that I couldn’t

even take a step.

But slowly and slowly you

impelled me.

so I climbed, taking

each careful step.

I was shaking but you

comforted me with your hands.

And when I reached the

peak you suddenly

withdraw your hand from mine

and you concealed yourself to the

beguiling scenery that awaited me

from the peak